Carom Seeds – Multitudinal benefits and meagre side effects

Carom seeds also most popularly known as Ajwain is a spice that every Indian household is familiar with. Bishop’s weed or thymol seeds is another reference to these seeds. And, it is because they belong to the same family as anise, dill, and fennel. The carom seeds stem from a herb plant of Apiaceae family. These seeds are oval and highly aromatic. Its flavouring and curative properties make it one of the most consumed seeds in every Indian dish. This is a spice that every dal tadka is incomplete with. Similar to oregano, Ajwain seeds when eaten as such i.e. raw will taste bitter or spicy, depending on your taste buds.

These seeds are slightly olive green or brown in colour. Its strong scent has derived its name as Ugragandha in Sanskrit. Strong scent is imbibed in every inch of this spice. Besides being a mandate in dal tadkas, carom seeds are used in pickles and some curries. It is one of those spices that is known to solve the twin purpose of bringing in great flavour as well as good health.

The carom seeds are popular for its medicinal values and benefits. Consuming carom seeds helps to release any gas piled up in the body. It also aids in other digestive issues. The seeds enhance the complete digestion process. It is highly regarded for the proper functioning of the kidneys and the respiratory system. This makes the pregnancy friendly. If you are suffering a loss of appetite, carom seeds can be of aid.

Nutritional Value of Ajwain

Ajwain seeds – both as seeds or as oil are packed with nutritional value. Minerals, protein,  carbohydrates, fats, fibre, along with potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, thiamine, and niacin are some of the few essential nutrients that carom seeds are packed with. The process of hydrolysis of carom seeds yields essential oil.

Benefits of Ajwain

Improves digestive health
It gives immediate relief to indigestion and acidity. The enzymes in the seeds promote the dispensation of gastric juices, thus enhancing the digestive functions. Salt and warm water with ajwain in it will help relieve indigestion problems instantly.

Aids in reducing weight

The laxative components and appetite stimulating properties Ajwain strengthen the bowel movement to aid weight loss.

Treats common cold

The carom seeds free out nasal blockage by releasing the mucus easily. You can chew ajwain with lukewarm water to ease cold and it’s discomfort. Withal, inhaling this powder frequently treats migraine headache. It is also known to cure asthma and bronchitis.

Relieves toothache

Add ajwain to lukewarm water along with a teaspoon of salt to get instant relief from toothache.

Curbs bleeding and irregular periods

Drinking Oma water daily will regulate irregular periods. It also helps in treating indigestion problems for pregnant women. It will clean the uterus. Boil 2 spoons of roasted ajwain in water to prepare Oma water.

Relieves Arthritis pain

Ajwain has antibiotic properties. It soothes redness of skin and fights inflammation. Due to its anaesthetic properties, the seeds curb swelling and pain. Crush the ajwain seeds and apply the paste on joints to instantly relieve the pain. Or you can simply soak your foot in warm water with a hand full of ajwain seeds added in it.

Alleviates earache

Ajwain oil, that is available in the departmental stores, is a great relief to earaches. Adding 2 drops of oil will do wonders.

Helps premature greying of hairs

The carom seeds are great in reducing the premature greying of hairs. A blend of curry leaves, dry grapes or raisins, and ajwain with will take care of the premature greying.

Alleviates pain caused by kidney disorders

Kidney stones can be cured by consuming ajwain with honey and vinegar religiously for 10 days. The stones will be washed away with urine.

Enhances flavor

Besides its health benefits, the carom seeds serve as a major spice. Pickles, chicken, and fishes are a few dishes the seeds can be used along with other spices. Ajwain can be used to prepare herbal tea.

Allergies and Side-Effects of Ajwain

The moderate intake of ajwain regularly is good for health and will not cause any side effects. However, a heavy consumption may lead to adverse effects like heartburns, stomach ulcer, dizziness, nausea, heart diseases, liver problems, and would also increase body temperature during pregnancy. It may also cause photosensitivity. Hence, carom seeds must be used in moderate quantities only.

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