Exercises to train you for a safe labor

Religious exercise during pregnancy will improve health, lessen the possibilities of excess weight gain, reduce back pain, and it will make delivery easier, mostly a normal delivery.

A considerable amount of exercise when during pregnancy will give a healthier beginning to the newborn. Exercise, by and large, improves and enhances the overall heart health, boosts stamina, lessens tiredness, aids in constipation, uplifts mood and energy levels, betters sleep, and promotes muscle strength.

A well-planned exercise program will work wonders during pregnancy and its effect will be so healthy that you would see yourself in good shape even after delivery.

Albeit, the post-pregnancy exercises can be a regular one, during pregnancy, it is imperative that you get the consent of your doctor before adopting any exercise practice. Be it yoga, exercise, gymnastics, aerobics – each of them will have their positive and negative effect on the body. And so, it is recommended to consult with your doctor.

And, at any point in time, if you feel any discomfort or pain whilst exercising, you may need to visit the doctor immediately, unless stated otherwise by the doctor.

Exercise facts during pregnancy

  • Exercising whilst pregnant mitigates the risk of overweight gain, deals with back issues, prepares the muscles for a normal delivery or childbirth, and gives the baby a healthier beginning to life.
  • Exercise is mandatory, however, the pregnant mothers should keep it low profile and should know when to stop.
  • Brisk walking, swimming, meditation, yoga, and stationary cycling are the most commonly recommended ways to stay hale and healthy during pregnancy.

Exercises to keep you hale and healthy

Brisk walking

If you were a couch potato during your early pregnancy, it is time to get some walking now. It is very important and will improve your cardiovascular system without too much strain on your knees and ankle. This is an exercise that doesn’t need time because you start anytime and anywhere.

Safety tip: As your pregnancy advances further, your center of gravity will alter, and so you may lose your coordination and balance. Remember to stroll on flat surfaces, avoid rocks, stones, potholes, and most importantly, wear your footwear right.


Swimming and any kind of exercising in water will give a better range of motion without applying any extra pressure on the joints. Water’s buoyancy will offer some relief from the extra weight.

It offers great health benefits during pregnancy.

Safety tip: Swim to exercise and not to strain your back muscles, neck, shoulders, and ankle. Be mindful that you are having a baby and that you cannot just go too fast. A kickboard will aid in strengthening the buttock muscles and leg. Strictly no jumping, diving, avoid hot water tubs, steam rooms.


Meditation is to your mind what exercise is to your body. It is very important that you maintain your mental health along with your physical. After all, it is the mental push that you would need to start your physical exercise. So sitting in silence and simply observing the breath for a certain time will help you become aware of your present moment. This will prepare you at the time of delivery.

Tip: You can get the help of a guided meditation app that will teach you the process.


Yoga will help you keep the joints limber and flexible. It augments your blood circulation, bolsters muscles, improves mood, and promotes relaxation. This will reflect on maintaining healthy blood pressure during pregnancy.

The techniques of yoga will also help you to relax during labor.

Safety tip: It is advisable to skip positions that would lead you to overbalance. It will be tempting to stretch, but you will have to be mindful of overstretching, as it could lead to injury.

Stationary cycling

Cycling on a stationary bike is called spinning. It is generally sound for the first-time exercisers also. A steady pace will help raise the heart rate without exerting heavy stress on the joints.

Also, the stationary bike hinders the risk of falling.

Safety Tip: You may have to watch the speed of your cycling. You do not want to overdo it and invite heart-related issues. So maintaining a steady speed is necessary.

Squatting and Pelvic tilts:

During childbirth, squatting will be of aid to open the pelvis, and hence you may need to squatting practice during pregnancy.

Pelvic tilts will add strength to overall abdominal muscles. It helps in reducing back pain and any kind of pain in the joints. Whatever exercise regimen you adhere to, you would need to ensure that you will seek the doctor’s advice before every move.

Safety tip: Do not overdo as it will make you very tired and cause some complications.

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