Get your health on track with the right Marshmallow

Althaea Afficinalis is the Latin name of Marshmallows. Marshmallows – isn’t the name enough to energize your palates? Since a kid, I have loved Marshmallows as it just oozes and juices the entire mouth. You need a sweet, Marshmallow is there for the rescue. You need to heal your burnt tongue, Marshmallow is certainly the pick. And, you want to sweeten your mouth from the heat, again it is the Marshmallow that you would pick to work its wonders. So, hail the mighty Marshmallow.

Most of us know Marshmallow for a white spongy cube, however, it is more than that. By inception, Marshmallow is a healthy root.

So, here I am to shift your focus from the white cubes to a healthy brown Marshmallow root.

Marshmallow root boasts a history not many of us know about. It has been in use for more than centuries to cure infections, help in digestion, and enhance skin health. And again, pulling you off from the sugary puffed candy that you may be thinking of, and I’m not referring to that but the root. The marshmallow root is a different deal downright.

What is a Marshmallow Root?

Marshmallow is a herbal plant aborigine to Africa and notable parts of Europe that have been utilized for more than centuries. It is primarily used to concoct herbal treatments. Its history arises from close to 3000 years ago as a folk remedy – relating to the times of ancient Greece and Egypt.

In addition to that, the Marshmallow has also earned its importance in the maha Ayurvedic medicine as a most prospective treatment for bacterial infections, digestive issues, lung ailments, and certain types of skin ailments.

Riveting? But how does the root do the magic? Keep reading.

How Is Marshmallow Root Good For You?

Marshmallow is an unprocessed mucilage, and that means it works like a soft fiber and swells when it brought in contact with the water. This quality of Marshmallow pushes the root to form a protective coating around its membranes. The root comprises of flavonoid antioxidants, pectin,  which is a type of fiber, has amino acids like asparagine, and other compounds like tannins. coumarin, phenolic acids, and quercetin (antibacterial and antiviral substances).

It is proven by the researchers that all these compounds together enhance the functioning of the mucous membranes in the respiratory tract, thereby precluding various ailments. And, to mention, the antioxidants contained in the root hamper any oxidative damage in the body, contributing to a set of wonderful benefits.

Benefits of Marshmallow

A reminder to focus on the root and not the sugary cubes.

(i) It aids in mending the gut lining.

Marshmallow root helps in soothing inflammation and irritation in the digestive tract. If you are flooded with any masala foods or have acids producing in your abdomen for various reasons, then Marshmallow roots will work wonders in repairing your gut lining.

Research highlighted that the polysaccharides and aqueous extracts from the marshmallow root can be employed to cure irritated mucous membranes. This being a rich source of mucilage, the content builds a shield of tissue on the lining of the digestive tract. Marshmallow root also generates the cells that substantiate tissue regeneration.

(ii) Combats Bacterial Infections

Are you prey to getting sick, often? Or are you short of immunity pins?

For symptoms of any infection, like inflammation, swelling, burning, or tenderness – the irritation can be allayed with consuming marshmallow root. The root has been discovered to wipe out bacteria and speed up the healing process.

(iii) It may act as a pain reliever

Yes, you read it right. Marshmallow root acts as an analgesic to alleviate any excruciating pain. And, this recommends marshmallow root a top pick and an excellent choice for any soothing conditions that induce pain and irritation – like a sore throat or an abrasion.

(iv) Treats cold and cough

No wonder, right?

The mucilage and antitussive qualities of marshmallow root lessen any throat infection or irritation and decreases the swelling in the lymph nodes. This, in turn, influences in relieving cold and cough and other respiratory ailments, plus a sore throat.

A herbal syrup composed of marshmallow root assuaged respiratory ailments cognate with mucus formation. Marshmallow tea works good in this regard and the herb shows positive signs to pacify every tissue it comes in contact with.

(v) A cure for skin irritation

Marshmallow root calms the nerve-sense of the skin which is directly proportional to alleviating any skin irritation. The root can be typically used to relieve burns, wounds, insect bites, dry and chapped skin, and even peeling skin.

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