Keep your blood pressure stable or low with these herbs

Have you been diagnosed with high blood pressure recently? Has your doctor advised you to stay cool and calm always – regardless of the situation? Or were you in a eureka moment to realize that you shouldn’t stress yourself more and so you need to keep your blood pressure steady before it runs its course of action?

Whatsoever, many adults in the world are dealing with hypertension, also known as high blood pressure. The changing and the fast-moving world, technology, work, traffic, family, etc etc all build up enough to stress you out thus leading to high blood pressure.

If you are by any chance planning to keep your blood pressure steady before it takes a toll on you, home remedies are where you need to begin with. You will have to start knowing the herbs that you can consume every day. And that is a huge leap. This is for self-realized people who want to prevent falling prey to hypertension; and also for those who don’t want to worsen their condition. This, like always goes with a disclaimer to consult with your doctor before starting to add these herbs to your daily regime. You may want to check on the herbs, the quantity, and the frequency of consumption as this will be based on your body’s reaction towards the herb.

The Herbs to lower blood pressure


Cinnamon reminds of a tasty seasoning. Surprisingly, adding cinnamon in your daily food routine will help your blood pressure numbers remain stable. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, cinnamon blends well with all the dishes like juice, stews, rice, bread, and gravies etc.

Flax seed

Flaxseed is high in omega-3 fatty acids. It is shown to lower the blood pressure and also shield against atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease by mitigating the serum cholesterol, enhancing glucose tolerance, and acting as an antioxidant. The best case scenario proved recently was taking 30–50 grams of ground or whole seeds per day for more than 12 weeks.

Whilst consuming foods that contain flax seeds is ok, it won’t be as better as consuming the whole or ground seeds itself by adding it to the home cooked food. The flax seeds can be blended into any dish – from smoothies to soups to baked goods. You may want to store flax seeds in your freezer to retain its potency.


This pungent seasoning is more than just flavoring. It beats your breath, has the ability to keep your blood pressure intact. The nitric oxide present in garlic causes your blood vessels to calm and dilate. This, in turn, ensures a smooth transition of blood throughout the body. Garlic can certainly be added in all the foods, keeping in mind the pungent nature.


My favorite, Ginger help to control blood pressure. It is very common in Asian foods. It is a versatile ingredient that blends with both sweets and beverages. Chopping, grating, or mincing fresh ginger will give the same taste and produce the same effect on the health.


Basil is a darling herb that goes extraordinarily well in a variety of foods. The delicious herb aids in lowering the blood pressure. The chemical eugenol found in basil hampers certain substances that tighten the blood vessels and this hampering drops high blood pressure to a stable count.

Adding fresh basil to your food regimen is super easy. You can grow basil in your garden so you can reach out to the herb to add in every dish that you prepare.


Cardamom is a beautiful and aromatic seasoning that hails from India. It is most popular in South Asian cuisine. Adding cardamons to your food will give that beautiful taste and aroma whilst helping in maintaining your blood pressure. It is recommended to take in lesser quantities.

Cat’s claw

Cat’s claw is a medicinal herb employed often in traditional Chinese practice to treat hypertension and neurological health problems. Studies have indicated that cat’s claw may be of great assistance to reduce blood pressure by reacting on the calcium channels in the human cells. Cat’s claw is available in supplements in healthy and traditional food stores.

French lavender

Lavender is not just about its beautiful, pleasant scent. Its extracts have proved to lower blood pressure and maintain the heart rate. Though lavender is not a common culinary herb, its flowers can be used in baked goods. If you are a baker, then you are going to love this. It is similar to using rosemary.

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