Home remedies to treat Bacteriol Vaginosis

Vagina – the muscular tube leading from the external genitals to the cervix of the uterus in women. This is built of both good and bad ‘bacteria’. Yes, I did mean bacteria. There are good bacterias available in the body that helps to fight the bad ones or their counterparts. After all, the human body is an amalgamation of everything good and bad to lead a healthy life.

Vagina, as I already indicated is composed of good and bad bacteria. Lactobacillus – a type of bacteria that is termed good for vagina – acidic in nature, keeps the vagina intact so the bad types of bacteria don’t produce. And when the production level stops, Bacteriol Vaginosis is where it will end up in. This means when the bad bacteria produce in higher quantity than the good ones, the chances are likely to have formed Bacteriol Vaginosis.

BV is a common condition that many women get, irrespective of their sexual intercourse. It is a non-severe condition unless it gets cured in a week. Nevertheless, prescription medicines work better in highly severe conditions.

There are a lot of home remedies, prevention methods that the ones suffering from BV can follow to keep it intact and prevent from occurring.


  • Abstain from smoking: Smoking is a great cause for BV. The high nicotine levels affect the growth of the natural bacteria thus paving way for the bad ones to engender.
  • Avoid douching: It is not surprising. Many women think that keeping the vaginal area clean is safe and they are correct unless they don’t rub off the natural bacteria by douching. It is not recommended to completely wipe off what is in and around the vagina. And spraying excessive water or using the device to clean up is a complete no-no.
  • Lessened sexual activities: A new sex partner or involving multiple partners makes the vagina more prone to get BV. Oral and anal sex also adds to the contribution list.


It is challenging to find one has Bacteriol Vaginosis in the early stages. However, the symptoms like these could be an indication when paid high attention.

  • Thin gray, white, or green discharge in bizarre cases
  • Burning and irritating feeling during peeing
  • Fishy smell that won’t go and even gets stronger after sex

Home Remedies:


Yogurt is a probiotic by itself. It is loaded with plenty of healthy bacteria in it. Including yogurt daily in your food will help healthy bacteria produce in the body, in case one has been missing these days. To reap the full benefits of yogurt, one serving of yogurt per day is recommended.


Including foods or pills high on probiotic supplements daily will help cure and prevent Bacterial Vaginosis. Probiotics are available in liquid or pill forms.


Garlic is known for its strong antibacterial properties and it has been used as a home remedy for bacterial vaginosis since a very long time. Taking a garlic supplement tablet serves to be a better option for relieving bacterial vaginosis.

Hydrogen peroxide

Taking about 1 ounce of hydrogen peroxide daily for 7 days for vaginal irrigation will also help to treat Bacterial Vaginosis. It costs less than the other medications, however, it comes with a few side effects which demand a doctor’s consultation before using it.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has strong antifungal and antibacterial properties that will aid in treating BV. Many skin types of women are allergic to tea tree oil. It is always recommended to try this oil on any part of the skin to sense any itching and/or it can be diluted with either coconut oil or olive oil.

Breathable cotton underwear

Wearing cotton underwears is a great option to recover from BV. Certainly, avoid spandex and any material, tight pants that prevent vagina from breathing.

Boric acid

The capsules of the boric acid can be put to treat BV. The capsules need to be inserted into the vagina every day in the night for about two weeks to treat.

It’s safe to use in the vagina as boric acid is not edible. It is not safe to use on the pregnant women.

Practice good hygiene

Practicing good hygiene starts with the individual. In anything that is related to the body, one must take care utmost care to stay healthy and clean. From bathing to cleaning, sexual intercourse to using the sex toys, peeing to pooping, it is highly mandatory that the vagina and its surroundings are cleaned thoroughly before and after. Douching is not what is recommended but cleaning with hands, naturally.

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