Tips to subdue the back pain

Back pain is an irritating pain that is the result of a daily activity done wrongly — activities like as common as sleeping on a wrong mattress that doesn’t suit the body, the sleeping positions, twisting to reach an object, bending acutely to lift something, sitting in front of the desktop or a laptop for hours in the same position, bending over to vacuum, stretching inaccurately all on a sudden that causes tension, and carrying heavy things and bags. It really hurts the spine and that shriek comes out in the form of the acute back pain.  

Well, the good news is that preventing back pain is not that hard. It just requires daily care and avoiding awkward positions so it gets all right.

Sleep Positions That Help Relieve Back Pain

Most important of all – it is imperative to get a good night’s sleep whilst being comfortable. Making a few simple alterations in the sleep pattern and position may help take a load off the back:

  • For a back sleeper: Putting a pillow under the knees will favor the spine to balance its natural curve.
  • For a side sleeper: Drawing the legs up slightly towards the chest and having a pillow between the knees will work wonders.
  • For a stomach sleeper: Having a pillow underneath the lower abdomen and pelvis will allay back strain.

Simple tips to prevent the back pain are:

  • Exercise. One of the most recommended things that one can do for hampering the back pain is to wake up and get moving on the heels. How does exercise prevent back pain? Muscles are intended to move and not hold tightness. If one is not in his or her good shape, they are prone to hurt their back. This will result in causing acute pain even whilst doing the most simple movements– like lifting their child from his or her crib, carrying weightless bags, moving things aside, etc. Withal, exercise assists in keeping the joints fluid. Another reason exercise can prevent back pain is that it helps one to maintain their weight – being overweight around the gut, particularly, will add more strain on the back.
  • Eat right. If the eating habits are correct, one not only gets to maintain a healthy weight but also a proper torso that will not put any stress on the body and resultantly to the spine. Excessive spice and junk foods will take a toll on the nervous system gradually and that will create back problems. On the contrary, a healthy diet bombarded with fresh vegetables and fruits, dairy products, lean meats, spinach, and whole grains will keep the digestive tract right as rain. says. There are chances that people who have low back pain may experience irritated bowels. So get the food right.
  • Sleep sideways. Sleeping flat on the back is a no-no. The recommended position for sleeping is on to the side. Having a supportive mattress and the right pillow will help. And the aforementioned sleep positions will help in back pain.
  • Maintain proper posture. People sitting in front of their computers or laptops for several hours a day are the victims on a higher ration. They usually and unknowingly slouch over their computers and laptops and also their telephones when they are working, texting. They absolutely don’t get the seriousness of the damage they are inviting to their backs. Amidst the busy workday, they may not respond to the pain they are in, nevertheless, the pain gets severe once they are back to their regular shape. Ergonomics is mandatory and making sure to have it at every place – work, home, in front of the tv, etc will take care of the spine to maintain its natural curve.
  • Reduce stress. Stress affects back health. Stress that one builds up induces tension on the muscles, and frequent or constant stress and tension like this will cause severe back pain. High chances are it will become chronic. It is always good to be mindful of the situation that one is in to prevent affecting the mind. Any activity that assists in allaying stress will help take care of the back and hence no pain.
  • Quit smoking. It is no surprise that smoking raises the risk of cancer and heart disease. And it also contributes to continual back pain. Studies have proven that smoking makes existing back pain detrimental by narrowing blood vessels. Narrowed blood vessels mean less oxygen and nutrients for the spine. Consequently, this becomes highly susceptible to injury and lethargic to heal.

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