8 ways to labour pain management

Alright, let’s break the ice – labour is scary, painful, stressful, and worrying. We know it and we try and keep calm to manage the situation and that is wonderful. However, let us not forget the fact that there are no gains without any pains. So the best way to tackle this pain is allowing our mind to know all that could possibly go wrong and accept that ladies will be in much pain during their process of birthing a child. Once this acceptance gets through, then it becomes a lot less scary, stressful and worrying, the pain will still be the same.

It is all in the mind that we should fix it. Anybody who has crossed their 35 with at least one kid don’t call it labour for anything. Birthing a child is hard work, and a maximum part of that work is going through pain. Don’t panic and just accept the hard truth.

Luckily, there are a lot of ways than before to manage that painful pain and you have access to all those methods. So take a deep breath consciously and fortify ourselves to enter the world of labour pain management.

1. Locate a soothing environment

Your birthplace is important. And it is very important that you choose a comfortable place to give birth. Comfortness can be classified here with space to bathe,  walk and talk around, along with a different support device and furniture. Like a rocking chair, low stool, birth ball, soft bed, bathtub, and squatting bar will excite you into using them all and knowingly or unknowingly, you will prepare yourselves for labour. Ensure these amenities come with a manual designed for pregnancy care so you know what to use when and how.

2. Choose your labour team carefully

In the present times, the husband and wife have an option to choose their labour team. Doctor, nurses, partner, loved ones, and doulas play an essential role in your labour team. Select people that will comfort, respect, and value your feelings with utmost patience. This kind of support will help decrease your stress and give you the best motivation to cope up delivery.


TENS expand to Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It is a small electrical device that lessens pain signals communicated to the brain. This device can be used when you are reaching your destination point i.e. the end of pregnancy, after 36 weeks, if you experience backache or distressing Braxton Hicks’ contractions.

4. Habit rhythmic breathing

Breathing methods will help you manage and stay relaxed during contractions. Inhale completely in a slow rhythm whilst experiencing contractions. Release every tension and stress that you have accumulated with each exhalation.

To stay calm, it’s important to watch your breathing, similar to how you do when you’re lifting weights. As long as you are focusing on your breath, you will find some relief in your mind about the whole pregnancy theory.

5. Water therapy

Warm water works wonders for reducing the distressing labour pain. It feels absolutely amazing and relaxing when you immerse yourself into 100 degrees F water available at the birthing centre. The water therapy will be like a spa. It will relax all your tensed muscles and soothe your body from the tip till toe. The warm water will help you forget your pain and restore its soothing effect throughout your body. It takes a while for that comfort to go even after you are out of the water tub.

6. Get the right massage

Massage may sound a little intimidating. Make sure to get a massage expert that knows the massaging points to act on the labour pain. The massages will distract you, calm you, and naturally make you feel that you are cared for, which is a prime morale boost.

7. Keep walking around

Move around so it will keep you relaxed and comfortable. Walking, cleaning, rocking, swaying, squatting, and rolling on a birth ball are some distractions that you can enjoy. They will not only alleviate your pain but will help progress your labour by employing the gravitational force to your advancement. These movements will   and help in rotating the baby down through the pelvic canal.

8. Relaxation aka Meditation

I understand with 1000s of thoughts running in your mind, it is challenging to sit simply and think nothing. But trust me, that effort is worth giving a try. Assuring yourself about the fine labour will make you happy and ready to endure the pain happily ane welcome your newly born. Relax as much as possible and get the help of your loved ones to talk you into relaxation methods.

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